Founded by Ann Jordan and Shardul Kiri, UNIT partners brings together an exciting creative team that thrives on delivering innovative work that instantly engages both internal and external audiences. Our goal is simple: To differentiate your brand in the marketplace with fresh, strategic messaging and world-class design.

With our experience in creating innovative logo designs, graphic design, packaging design, and developing a brand strategy to have your business be noticed all over. As a design firm and branding agency in San Francisco, CA, we have helped many businesses throughout various industries develop their brand strategy and more.



Ann has extensive experience developing memorable and long-lasting brands that resonate with consumers. She has developed creative strategy for companies of all sizes, from small non-profits and local start-ups to large corporations such as Motorola, Palm, and Coca-Cola. Early in her career, Ann learned the importance of consistently representing a brand to both internal and external audiences to gain brand loyalty. Her areas of expertise include corporate identity, collateral, corporate guidelines, and packaging. Ann is a past professor of Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


Shardul began his career working on brand development and collateral in a number of San Francisco, CA`s most reputable design studios. After relocating to Los Angeles, Shardul developed strategic and creative solutions for large and small companies such as Amgen, Lexus,, United Healthcare and Helio. His diverse professional experience, both client side and agency, gained him the keen understanding of marketing and how to strategically build a brand. Shardul has critiqued many design classes at UCLA, Loyola Marymount, and Cal State University of Long Beach. He also served as a VP on the AIGA/Los Angeles board.

At UNIT partners, the collective professional experiences of our talented creative directors allow us to approach each project from a thoughtful and strategic vantage point, where we can make the most difference for the success of your brand. UNIT partners has garnered numerous awards globally and was featured as People to Watch in Graphic Design USA, a premier Graphic Design publication.