5th Annual UNIT Pumpkin Carving Showdown

It's time for the 5th Annual UNIT Pumpkin Carving Showdown. As you are tasked with creating an ambiance of ghoulish delight this haunted season we at UNIT have the prefect solution for warding off any unwelcome visitors to your home. No need to call upon your local bio-exorcist for help for this—we've devised some ghoulish pumpkin carving templates, inspired by the 1988 Tim Burton classic, Beetlejuice. You need not repeat his name 3 times, simply print out the templates below, carve, and sit back as neighbors run screaming from your door.


Beattlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle...

1. Download our pumpkin carving templates.

2. Carve a pumpkin using a template (bonus points if you customize your design), photograph it, and post it on our Facebook page or #UNITHallooween15 on Instagram.

3. On Halloween, we’ll choose the scariest carving, and present the winner with a special Halloween prize!