Four Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer

When it comes to hiring a graphic designer for your business there are some requirements that you should consider. These requirements include (but not limited to) experience, their portfolio, client testimonials and work expectations.

Experience: Ann Jordan and Shardul Kiri have experience working with a variety of clients in many different industries as well as teaching graphic design at some of the most prestigious schools in Southern and Northern California. Their expertise in graphic design and logo design make them a perfect match for your campaign. 

Portfolio: See what industries your graphic designer has worked, if they have a lot of designs in their portfolio and see if their designs match up with your business. We have an extensive portfolio of designs that we have done for clients from the automotive industry, beauty industry, restaurants, food and more.

Testimonials: Reviews from former clients are huge when choosing the right designer for your project. If you are dishing out big bucks, you want to make sure you are getting the best work possible. UNIT partners has outstanding reviews working with amazing clients to give them the best products possible. Check out some of our testimonials here.

Work Expectations: When it comes to creating the design of your dreams for your business you want to ensure that your graphic designer is taking the time and patience to make sure that your logo is perfect. Ask questions regarding your expectations for how you want the design to look as well as the commitment to the project. With UNIT partners we have worked with a vast number of different clients from different industries with different budgets and we ensure that each and every client is satisfied with their design. 

UNIT partners has creative, innovative and experienced graphic designers in San Francisco, CA ready to take your project on. Contact our team for more information today!