The Graphic Design Process

You may be asking yourself what exactly goes into the graphic design process. The answer is more than you think. There are 7 stages to go through in the process. Choosing a design firm like UNIT Partners ensures that the graphic design process will be completed correctly and efficiently.

Briefing Process

During this process the design team will gather as much information as possible from the client. This is a crucial step in understanding what the project will entail. The design firm wants to understand the client’s company, mission, vision, and goals. Graphic designers need to know more than just a surface level overview of the company.


This is the time when the graphic design firm will research what the client’s company and culture is like. They also will research the client’s competitors whether they be local or international. The team also investigates trends in the business. The biggest thing to research is the client’s target audience and demographics. Knowing your audience is key to executing your strategy.

Brainstorming Time

Now that the design firm has all the background and target demographic information needed, they can start thinking of ideas on how to execute the project. During this portion of the process, it is important to keep all things that were discussed written down. This is a time to be creative and explore all ideas. Towards the end of this stage, the team decides which ideas to go forward with attempting.

Preliminary Sketches

Now that the team has their ideas, it's time to sketch it out. This allows the design firm to visualize their ideas without having to spend too much time on their computer software. During this stage, it is beneficial to have communication with the client. The client can look over the sketches and give their mark of approval or send back some input.

Time to Design

At this point the graphic design team will take the best sketches and begin to develop them further. This can be the most intensive part of the process. The team will utilize their design software to build out a few designs. Once a few designs have been mocked up, the design firm will send them to the client. The client then gives back feedback about what they love and what they hate.


This stage allows the team to take the client’s feedback and implement any changes that were requested. At this point the client has chosen one design to move forward with. The design firm will give input to help make this decision and to decide on the revisions. Once all revisions have been made, its time to move forward to the completion stage.

Delivery and Completion

Has the client approved all changes and is in love with the design? Once final approvals are obtained, its time for the graphic design firm to send over the finalized files! Once this exchange is done, the graphic design process has been completed.

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